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  • Revolutionary engineering system of modern environmentally friendly coal-fired power plants 16.02.2016

    Consortium Fenix leader, CEO at ProfCement-Vector Andrey Kalachov has presented a new technology to the design of modern environmentally friendly coal-fired power plants at the section "Energy efficiency and ecology in the power" of NP “NTS EES” and the Russian Academy of Sciences", which took place February 12, 2016 in Krzhyzhanowski energetic institute

    Co-reporter of the director general of "Alstom Russia" Alexander Koptev, who spoke about the new layout NID-technology semi-dry desulphurization co-developed with the "Fenix". Michael Saparov who is the head of the section "Energy efficiency and ecology in the power industry" moderated a meeting.

    Andrey Kalachov the first time in Russia proposes the creation of a unique integrated system of utilization of ash materials and dry desulphurization products, developed by the Consortium "Fenix", focused on 100 percent of their use to consumers in its report "Practical problems of designing new coal-fired power plants in the Russian Federation".

    This approach will increase the demand and ensure distribution of ash and slag materials, improve economic efficiency of coal power plant and return on investment.

    The report examines the possibility of complete failure of the ash dump station and organization of ash slag material warehouse and thus avoiding the problem of environmental charges. All unclaimed ashes can be sent to the granulation and stockpiled as a finished product in stock of ash slag materials for subsequent sale. In fact, the market offers a new product that will be used in the future in various sectors of construction and industry.

    The participants of the meeting presented the results of the Consortium "Fenix" for the implementation phase of the major technical decisions on new, having no analogues in Russia in terms of dry ash removal system, Khabarovsk CHPP-4 and the Maritime TPP.

    The reports aroused interest of the participants, among whom were representatives of the Russian Energy Agency of the Energy Minister of Russian Federation, JSC VTI, National Research University "MPEI", Krzhyzhanowski ENIN, PJSC "Inter RAO", PJSC "Gazpromenergoholding" NP "Council of Energy Producers", the Bureau of BAT, the companies which implement environmental projects in the energy sector and others.

    The technology currently provided by the consortium is not only unique, but also is revolutionary to the market. This is a new motion vector engineering and entrepreneurial thinking, ensuring the development of import substitution technologies in Russian coal generation. It allows to take a fresh look at coal-fired power - as an environmentally friendly plant, with high economic and environmental parameters for emissions and discharges, better than in Europe.