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  • Consortium Fenix has presented a report to the State Duma on the ecologization of coal stations

    On the invitation of the Chairman of the Energy Committee of the State Duma Pavel Zavalny the leader of the Consortium Fenix, CEO of ProfCement-Vektor Andrey Kalachov made a report "Ecologization of the coal-fired generation, as a factor in increasing domestic coal consumption in Russia" at a meeting of the Energy Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

    The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Energy Ministry Anatoly Yanovsky, a member of the State Duma Committee on Energy Aleksander Kaminsky, representatives of energy companies and associations. At the meeting it was presented nine reports. The report about the Consortium Fenix activity and developed their "road map to address the problem of ash materials utilization" were received with great interest.

    The report made analysis of coal generation development, ash and slag waste production and marked the factors hindering ASW use in the country. For the first time the report provides an environmentally friendly power plant, the essence of which is the production of emissions below than the EU standards.

    Andrey Kalachov also talked about the new technology of coal plants, developed by the Consortium Fenix, which will increase the profitability of stations by 10-30%. The overall effect of the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies will be for 10 years, about 10,5 billion rubles for one station with capacity of 400 MW, for example.

    The basic engineering principles such plants:

    • Reliability of its work regardless of the sales impact of the coal combustion by-products,
    • Deviation from VNTP-81 requirements of the engineering system of dry ash removal,
    • 100% use of the ash and slag waste. Creating a new product and service which is necessary to the market and does not require sophisticated production it the plant.

    The speaker also presented the Road map developed by the Consortium Fenix, together with the leading experts of the country, which aim is to create a recommending document for government and generating companies, which reflects the position of the expert community on improving utilization of coal combustion by-products in Russia.

    At the end of the meeting it is planned to create a summary document.

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