News of the consortium

  • Scientific-technical Council on modernization of the power system of Crimea 09.06.2015

    On 04 June 2015 the representatives of the Consortium "Fenix" took part in the meeting of the Scientific-technical Council of the Ministry of fuel and energy of the Republic of Crimea, which considered proposals for the modernization and reconstruction of Crimean energy system and options for the development of fuel-energy complex of Crimea.

    General Director of "PCV" CJSC, the leader of the Consortium "Fenix" Andrei Kalachov and Director of technical development and new technologies "COTES" CJSC Anton Kuzmin made a joint presentation on the topic: "Environmentally acceptable coal-fired power plant for Crimea".

    The proposals of the consortium "Fenix" were also supported by the President of the National investment Association, Vice-Chairman of the Expert Council on economic policy and investment of the Committee on economic policy, innovative development and entrepreneurship of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, member of the Committee of the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation on investment policy Irina Sheshero, presented its report on "Attracting private investments in energy sector of Crimea by building a coal-fired power plants of new generation", and a Member of the Public Council of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation, head of section Science, innovation and training personnel in the field of energy saving" NEN of the Federation Council Sergey Ivanovich Krenz with the report “Coal Market and supply opportunities of Donbass and Kemerovo coal in Crimea."