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Consortium Fenix includes six companies, widely regarded as professionals in their respective fields. Only a comprehensive approach to ash and slag waste disposal is able to solve this problem.

These companies are: PCV (supplier of shale ash), Renaissance Construction (construction company), E4 Group (engineering), CM Pro (investment and management), Giprocement Institute (Institute of cement industry) and IBAU Hamburg (manufacturer of equipment for bulk materials storage and transportation). Each company is responsible for its direction within the Consortium.


The leader of consortium Fenix is PCV, represented by its CEO Andrey Kalachov.

PCV has taken a firm line in the Russian market of consumers of pulverized fuel ashes by means of delivery of “ZOLEST-bet” and “ZOLEST-oil” shale ashes produced by Eesti Energia (Estonia).

PCV's team has a rich and unique experience in the cement industry, and it was able to create a balanced system of shale ash supply across the territory of Russia within three years.

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CM Pro

The CM Pro company is based in Moscow and specializes in investments in the construction materials industry of the CIS countries. Today it is the only one company on the territory of the former Soviet Union providing comprehensive investment, consulting and analytical services in the sphere of building materials industry. A key factor in the success of the company's business and its clients is the presence of production, managerial and investment experience.

CM Pro brings together leading experts with extensive experience in managing large industrial groups, companies and individual projects.

The CM Pro company offers the services connected with the evaluation of investment attractiveness of individual industries and enterprises. The company is engaged in project management, consulting within the matters of strategy and development, production and technologies, sales and marketing, corporate governance, financial management, project finance, business valuation issues, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

Principal directions of activity:

  • Financial management;
  • Strategy development;
  • Modernization and reconstruction of existing enterprises;
  • Licensing;
  • MergersandAcquisitions;
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Renaissance Construction

Renaissance Construction was founded in 1993 and now is the leading company of the Renaissance Holding. General business line of Renaissance Construction includes multipurpose facilities, heavy industry facilities (cement, petrochemical plants, etc.), infrastructure facilities (airports, seaport buildings), light industry facilities, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants and brewing factories, car factories and construction equipment plants, as well as power plants.

Renaissance Construction is one of the top 100 international contractors in the world and is the second largest international contractor in Turkey. According to the international rating agency ENR (Engineering News Records) the company took the 61st place among the top 225 international contractors in 2007, the 68th place in 2008, the 85th place in 2009, the 75th place in 2010 and the 69th place in 2011. Some of the projects implemented by Renaissance Construction have been awarded international prizes given by independent organizations.

Main fields of activity:

General construction subdivision:
  • shopping centers, hotels, business centers;
  • enterprisesoflightindustry;
  • car factories and construction equipment plants;
  • warehouses, foodprocessingplants;
  • high-risebuildings;
I ndustrial engineering:
  • cementplants;
  • petrochemicalplants;
  • powerplants;
Infrastructure and sports facilities:
  • roads, tunnels;
  • stadiums;
  • airports, seaportbuildings.
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IBAU Hamburg

The IBAU Hamburg company possesses more than 35 years of experience in the field of storage, transportation and dosing of bulk materials, and is one of the leading global companies in this industry.

All these years the company helped its customers to implement the most ambitious projects, by means of designing and commissioning of customized solutions and concepts of systems of work with high quality bulk materials.

Principal directions of activity:

  • turnkey projects: silo pits, cement plants;
  • transportation systems;
  • cutoff skibers, discharge switches, dosing rolls;
  • bulk loading technologies;
  • conveyer screws, compressed-air conveyors;
  • mechanical agitators;
  • implementation of global projects in collaboration with HAVER & BOECKER.
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Giprocement Institute

Scientific Research and Design Institute of the cement industry Giprocement, Open Joint Stock Company of the Order of the Red Banner of Labour has been operating since 1922.

Projects created by the Institute were used for construction of more than 100 processing lines for cement production in 20 countries.

Giprocement is a leading Cement Industry Design Institute of Russia. It performs the full range of works connected with engineering support of innovative projects.

Main fields of activity:

  • Development of investments’ justification;
  • Technology, Technical and economic consulting;
  • Collaboration with leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment;
  • The functions of a general design engineer;
  • Participation in the commissioning and development of new facilities.
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COTES Group is one the major engineering companies in Russia.

Engineering in power industry is a key business in COTES. It includes design, commissioning and engineering for large-scale energy facilities. The companies of the Group also design civil facilities and provide turn-key construction of stand alone heat and power sources, they also manufacture packaged boiler houses.

The companies of the Group are well known not only throughout Russia, but also overseas, including Eastern Europe, North Africa and a number of Asian countries. For over its 20 years in the market, COTES Group gained a wealth of experience and acquired a reputation of a reliable partner in every field of its activity. Today, core competences and expertise enable the companies to implement design and technological projects at any plant ranging between 1 and 5,000 MW, no matter how complex the project might be.

The key features of COTES include high professional level, client-oriented approach and strict compliance with the deadlines. For each and every project we offer cutting-edge, efficient and environmentally friendly technologies, including our own proprietary innovations. The most popular innovation among other 30 developments of COTES is a unique circular furnace boiler design.

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